Newsletter Winter

Hello everybody,

We continue voyaging in this 2022 by releasing a tribute track to the legendary brazilian musician Hermeto Pascoal.  We had a lot of fun recording and, for my part, editing this video and I’m very glad to have met Humberto’s percussionists twin brothers. I hope you enjoy it! 

In March I will meet again with Humberto to start working on new music and then we will attend the German fair Jazzahead to promote our project to professionals of the music sector. Within the same fair I have the honour to perform with the Dutch ensemble AM.OK, directed by composer and pianist Tijn Wybenga. See you all in Bremen!


Trio Da Kali & North Sea String Quartet

NSSQ & Trio Da Kali at Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam. Photo by Piet Hermans

In November we performed four unforgettable concerts with the Malian ensemble. An unforgettable experience that we hope to repeat in the near future. An excerpt from the super positive review of our performance at Concertgebouw Amsterdam by journalist Ton Maas: “In this respect, they are even in better hands with the North Sea String Quartet than with Kronos. Nothing to the detriment of the Americans, but even if there is no improvisation and the group sticks neatly to the written arrangements, you can immediately hear the swaying of the hips resonating in their playing”.

Ríos & Rodríguez at LPA Market & Mapas 2021

Live at LPA Market

Last December we performed at the two most important music fairs in the Canary Islands. We highlight the great reception of our project by professionals in the music sector both nationally and internationally. With this we hope to generate new opportunities to take our music as far as possible.