I provide a high quality string instrument recording and arrangement service suitable for producers and composers. Whether it is the production and recording of the violin/viola in different genres (pop, folk, country…) or classical string quartets and orchestrations, my goal is to bring your music to life, within an affordable budget!

Virtual vs. real strings
Each year more sophisticated virtual strings are developed which try to emulate the sound of authentic stringed instruments. Whilst it is true that they can create a real sense of string, most of the time they fail (sometimes dramatically) when creating melodic lines with a convincing and emotional sound. That is where the interpreter’s function comes in, which consists of providing a unique sound and expression for each melody, applying the articulations and dynamics necessary to achieve it.

What do I offer?
I offer the possibility of recording from melodic lines to layers of violins/violas to get closer to the sound of a real string section. I can also compose string lines for your production.

How does it work?
Write below about your production/song and what your vision and artistic needs are. Upon acceptance of the quote, I will send you a first draft to confirm that it is the concept you want. Following this, I will send you a first revision for you to comment on. Finally, I will send you the tracks, separately, in the quality of the project you are working on (max. 96khz 24bit). For more complex projects the approach is the same, however, it is possible that the number of revisions will be higher.

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