“A true emotional spectacle”
Helmstedter Nachrichten


“Conversaciones” is the newest album of Spanish violinist Pablo Rodríguez and Cuban pianist Humberto Ríos, which fuses jazz, Canarian & Cuban folklore, and the classical music of the early 20th-century Impressionist era. In these conversations, you will hear unique sounds, when the violin becomes a small guitar or a percussion instrument, and the piano is “played” from within! Without losing sight of the melodic simplicity, the music alternates between improvisation – marked by the subtlety of violin and piano – and moments of high voltage.


Humberto met in 2015 at the conservatory of Codarts Rotterdam where they both studied classical and jazz music. They quickly discovered that there was plenty of chemistry between them and, since then, they have been collaborating very actively across many projects. In December of 2017, they began the production of  “Conversaciones” in which they explored the musical roots of their respective jazz & classical backgrounds, culminating in an exciting one-hour set of original compositions. Immediately afterwards, they had the pleasure of presenting this repertoire during their latest tour of Holland, Germany, Zaragoza, Valencia, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and La Palma.

“a real emotional spectacle” … “the classical training of the two musicians allowed them to move playfully through a wide spectrum of classical music, folklore, jazz and funk, and to shine with spontaneous improvisations. For example, Humberto Ríos, whom this year received the Leiden Jazz Award, played not only the keys but also the piano strings, while Pablo Rodríguez transformed his violin into a mandolin or a cajón”.

In October 2019 they launched their first album as a result of their successfully crowdfunding campaign which gathered the support of more than hundred patrons. The recording took place in the recording studio Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück.

“Conversaciones” is available to listen through the mainstreaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora, among others. Physical copies are available through Bandcamp and our website as well.


2019 | LP | PRG MUSIC

Born and raised on two wonderful islands, Cuba and La Palma, both separated and united by the same sea, only to migrate towards the unknown.

This is the starting point of an inspiring transatlantic journey – a journey where numerous ideas and influences have led to eleven unique conversations between the violin and the piano. Accompanied by improvisation and our eagerness to find new soundscapes, we intend to reflect special moments of searching for a voice and identity of our own. Likewise, we aim to express the melancholy of living distanced from our roots and to contribute to reinforcing the cultural link between our two countries.

Pablo Rodríguez violin
Humberto Ríos piano

Special guests (track 3 & 8) 
Ruven Ruppik percussion & handpan
Holger Werner bass clarinet

All tracks composed by Pablo Rodríguez & Humberto Ríos

Steffen Lütke Recording & mixing engineer
Chris Kosides Graphic Design
Pedro Fausto Photography

Recorded in December 2018 at Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück (Germany). 

Mastered by Joao Alves at Sweet Mastering, Lisboa (Portugal)